VIAGGI Case Study


Viaggi Candles, later called Viaggi Fragrances, is a luxury candle company. Their line of candles called “Wonders of the World” was conceived as a set of seven candles; each fragrance a marriage of elements and ingredients found at the center of their locales: The Great Wall of China, Petra, The Canals of Venice, The Colosseum, Chichén Itzá, Machu Picchu, and the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil.

The client wanted a look that was elegant and modern, despite the age of many of the locations. The candle line needed to compete successfully with many other lines of candles in a fairly crowded marketplace of high-end scented candles.

Logo Design

Once we had determined the goals for the product, what the overall market looked like and where there might be a niche in that market, the first task was to create a logo to build the brand around. I developed a number of ideas that ran the gamut from decorative scripts to clean geometrics.


The first round of designs produced a favorite, and I continued refinement to finalize the design and an accompanying flourish for packaging.



Next I turned my attention to the packaging. Should the design be light and airy, or darker and more subtle? The budget did not allow for printing seven completely different boxes for the products, so we settled on a single box design with different labels to distinguish the different scents. I experimented with embossing and foil stamping but ultimately decided that approach was too heavy, so I developed a very clean black and white box design with colored stickers to distinguish between the seven different candles.


Rounding Out the Brand

There were a few extra items that needed to be designed in order to complete the brand including the website, packaging for small travel candles in tins and thank you cards to be sent along with orders.

Blank half-folded booklet, postcard, flyer or brochure mockup template on gray background

Updating the Packaging

After the candles had been out on the market for several years, the client decided the brand needed an update. I designed a new set of stickers to go on the front of the boxes that made more use of the color each candle had been assigned and imagery of the actual location the candle represented.